Activities for all

To help make the cultural experience accessible to everyone, all visitors can use a range of solutions to enhance their experience.


Keen to make visits rewarding and encourage a dialogue with its visitors, the Fondation decided after opening to recruit a team of professional, multilingual guides to work in the exhibition spaces. They are trained in passing on their cultural knowledge to the public, and are on hand throughout the Fondation's opening hours.


Their language skills allow them to answer questions in the most common European languages, but also in less familiar languages, including Japanese, Russian, Greek and Chinese.



Short tours

Short tours are free guided tours available to all visitors, with no pre-booking required.

They last 15 minutes and are scheduled every hour on each level to give visitors an introduction to selected works and an architectural overview.


On each level, at the "short tour" meeting point, there will be a guide waiting to take you on a short discovery tour exploring a few galleries or the building's architecture.

These short tours are designed in such a way that you can join just one for a detailed account of a handful of works, or join a whole series for a more comprehensive exploration of the Fondation project.

Guides are also on hand in all galleries to answer any questions you may have.


Short tours are given every day

Every 30 minutes between 11h30 a.m. and 8 p.m. (extended opening hours : until 10 p.m. ) 

Meet us in the exhibition

They last 15 minutes



The Fondation Louis Vuitton app


The "Fondation Louis Vuitton" app enables you to access services and information in real time, to guide and enhance your visit as you explore.

It contains a calendar and detailed listings featuring current exhibitions and art events, along with an architectural tour and exclusive content on works of art: artists' commentaries, making-of montages, etc.


The "Architectural Tour" comprises a series of audio commentaries and videos specially designed to help you explore the building. The mysteries of a great architectural feat will become clear as you explore its galleries, pool and terraces.

The "Discover the works" section includes a selection of images and interviews updated to accompany the Fondation's cultural programme. Plenty of space is given over to insight from artists invited to the Fondation to present their work and their inspirations.


You can use the sharing and bookmarking features to share your favourite content.

Free Smartphone app available in English and French at the AppStore and Google Play.

Special events

Since December 2014, the Fondation has organised special, unconventional events in the museum spaces or in the Auditorium which aim to change the way visitors see the building and the works on display, and immerse them in a collaborative artistic experience.


These events include the Family activities, which began in December 2014. They enriched the visiting experience for Nuit des Musées (Museum Night) in 2015, and the European Heritage Days in 2015. They shake up the visiting experience after-hours on Friday evenings.

Free events for all.