Portrait of Marina Abramović. Photograph by Paola + Murray ©, New York, 2015

Marina Abramovic

Born in 1946, in Belgrade (Serbia)

Lives and works in New-York City (United States of America)

A pioneer of body art, Marina Abramović rose to prominence in the 1970s through her radical actions that explored and challenged the physical and mental limits of the human body.

In 1973 she began experimenting on her own body, often naked, pushing her relationship with the public to the extreme, sometimes inviting them to intervene with her. In 1975 she began a fusional collaboration with the Dutch artist Ulay. Their actions examined the duality and alterity between man and woman. Abramović began performing alone in the 1990s. Adopting a more theatrical form, her pieces combined her family heritage with the contemporary history and folklore of Serbia. The fundamental aspects of the human condition – time, presence, facing others – are the themes she tackles in her current performances, involving the public in ritualistic acts.

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