[Buste d'homme (Lotar II)], 1964-1965
  • © Photo Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc

    Domage © Succession Alberto Giacometti

Born in Paris in 1905, Eli Lotar began taking photographs in the 1920s.

Seeking out “strange things”, he frequented the Surrealists while earning a living as a reporter, before working as a cinematographer for Painlevé, Vitrac, Allégret and Buñuel. In 1929 he published his famous images "Aux Abattoirs de la Villette" in Documents magazine, edited by Georges Bataille. His unusual physique and obliging nature made him a favourite model for Giacometti. In this bust, his head is slightly tilted, appearing unstable, while the right shoulder has become detached. The anxious expression animates this lumpy mass of material.