Tonight Moon (Jin Wan De Yue Liang), 2000
  • © Yang Fudong. Photo Fondation Louis

    Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo

  • © Yang Fudong - Courtesy de l'artiste et

    Marian Goodman Gallery

Comprising six video monitors and a projection onto a wall with 24 tiny screens embedded into it, the installation by the artist Yang Fudong, "Tonight Moon (Jin Wan De Yue Liang)" (2000), exploits the potentialities of video, plunging the spectator into an experience of the image that is visual, acoustic and sensual.

The soundtrack of traditional South-East Asian music creates an old-fashioned yet mysterious ambiance. Luxuriant vegetation serves as a decorative backdrop to the activities of tourists and men in suits, or clips from old Chinese films. Shot in the Suzhou Botanical Garden, the images evoke traditional landscape paintings.
Interview of the Artist
Yang Fudong talks about his life, and the use of video media in his work

Yang Fudong

Born in 1971, in Beijing (China)

A major figure in Chinese contemporary art and cinema, Yang Fudong has been examining the complexities of contemporary Chinese society since the end of the 1990s, from a symbolic, detached perspective. 

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