Portrait of a Couple (The Cherry Tree), Francis Picabia

1942 - 43

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia

Portrait of a Couple (The Cherry Tree), 1942-43

Oil on panel, 105.7 x 77.4 cm

© 2014 Digital image, The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Scala, Florence © Adagp, Paris 2015

FRANCIS PICABIA, Portrait of a Couple (The Cherry Tree), 1942-1943

Oil on panel

New York, The Museum of Modern Art

Purchase, 2000

Picabia, in true Dada spirit, was among the first to dare venture into a category of images expressive of popular culture. The series of nudes that he did during the Second World War was inspired by “girlie” magazines of the 1930s. Using the techniques of photography and collage, he reworked the images, inserting or removing figures or objects, modifying the framing or lighting of the image, or adding colour. Picabia thus increased the stereotypical character of representations, making explicit – at ironic distance – what was below the surface. Pop Art artists would also use this approach to their advantage.


Paris 22 January 1879 –Paris 30 November 1953

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