Christian Boltanski - Caroline Eliacheff


Thursday 7 June 2018, 12.30 p.m.


In parallel with the In Tune with the World exhibition, a number of events will be scheduled at which artists, scientists, sociologists, anthropologists and philosophers come together for face-to-face encounters with the public.


This Conversation is broadcasted on the Fondation's website (in French only).

In what new ways are humans tied to their environment?


Conversation around the idea of transmission. How do artists become inspired by individual and collective histories, questioning memory and creating new myths?


Today’s artists reflect and interpret the fascinating, leading-edge research being conducted to understand the oneness of the countless forms of life that form the tapestry of our world, blurring the distinctions between human, animal, plant and even mineral.


This In Tune with the World exhibition is based on a specific theme that explores current questions about mankind’s place in the universe and new approaches to how humans are tied to their environment and the realm of living things.


Thursday 7 June 2018 12.30 p.m.


© Tous droits réservés. Courtesy de l'artiste et de Marian Goodman

Christian Boltanski


With the understatement of minimalist art and the powerful emotions of expressionism, Christian Boltanski’s work is rooted in an existential and essential relationship with the world, with which everyone can identify.


Caroline Eliacheff


Paediatric psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and commentator on the Les Matins shows on France Culture radio. She is the author of many books on childhood and families, including La famille dans tous ses états (2004) and Comment le voile est tombé sur la crèche (2013). She has also been a collaborating screenwriter for several Claude Chabrol films.