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Apprentice Architect

Apprentice Architect is an app for kids who want to explore the Fondation Louis Vuitton building and create their own Frank Gehry-inspired designs. Rising above the trees of the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, the magnificent new gallery, designed by Gehry, is a gift to Paris and to the world.


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When kids come to the FLV I want them to elevate their imagination, so they grow up thinking of architecture differently. — Frank Gehry
First time our children don’t want to leave a museum. — Visitor
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Sketch your idea

Start by choosing a shape drawn from familiar objects – a sailing boat, a camel, a pyramid – and make it your own by manipulating the outlines with your fingertips. Add colour, patterns and a background to create an inspirational sketch that will help you produce your own 3D design later.

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Meet the team behind the building

It took a team of more than 700 people to take the Fondation Louis Vuitton from a sketch to the final building. In this fun game you can search through the gallery’s visitors to see if you can find the key members of the team – from the man who operated the crane to the curator who chose the art to Frank Gehry himself – and, at the same time, discover what each role involves.

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Explore the space

With our amazing 360 degree photography and a fun quiz, we take you inside the sails, explain how the sound engineers work in the auditorium, and how the building is designed to reflect the space it sits in.

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Drive a crane

Take control of a crane and play against the clock to drop the glass panels, each individually shaped, into the correct position on the sail. But be quick otherwise a flock of pigeons might just mess up your hard work and you’ll have to clean the sails too.

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Design like Frank Gehry

Having explored the building itself, now it’s your chance to turn your design sketch into a Gehry-inspired building, complete with with sails and icebergs. Add as many as you want and use the control to fill out the sails. Position all your elements, change your colour or background and then your building is ready!

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