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The "Fondation Louis Vuitton" app enables you to access services and information in real time, to guide and enhance your visit as you explore.

It contains a calendar and detailed listings featuring current exhibitions and art events, along with an architectural tour and exclusive content on works of art: artists' commentaries, making-of montages, etc.


The "Architectural Tour" comprises a series of audio commentaries and videos specially designed to help you explore the building. The mysteries of a great architectural feat will become clear as you explore its galleries, pool and terraces.

The "Discover the works" section includes a selection of images and interviews updated to accompany the Fondation's cultural programme. Plenty of space is given over to insight from artists invited to the Fondation to present their work and their inspirations.


You can use the sharing and bookmarking features to share your favourite content.

Free Smartphone app available in English and French at the AppStore and Google Play.



From Friday 6 April noon, to Friday 13 April 2pm.

Play at Lucky Vibes and try to win 100 Skip-the-Line Invitations for 2 people for the "In Tune with the World" exhibition.

(rules of the contest available in the application)


Visit Tools

Specially designed for children aged 8-12, “Apprentice Architect” is a fun and enjoyable app that encourages kids to actively explore the new Frank Gehry building on their own.


Available for iPad free of charge in both French and English at the App Store, “Apprentice Architect” is a virtual companion for your family visit which challenges your child’s observational and deductive skills, dexterity, and above all creativity, so that he or she can become an “apprentice architect”.


From sketching to site management, children can try their hand at various steps in the construction process with six fun, clever games:

- Draw and build with "My sketchbook": trace the outlines of a nature-inspired building then use "My studio" to render it in three dimensions,

- Observe and watch with "Look around you": find unique perspectives, photograph them, then hunt out the hidden characters who built the Fondation or run it today in the "Where's Frank?" mural,

- Skilfully control the crane and painstakingly install the glass sails in "Take the controls",

- Discover the secrets of construction in the "How does this work?" quiz.


So that as many people as possible can use the application, there are a number of tablets available free for use by the public.

To access the app, click here


Lucky Vibes is a game you can play on your smartphone that combines music and dexterity. It is a radical new initiative from a cultural institution.

Fly over Frank Gehry’s building in your Tubaloon to catch as many notes as possible. But don’t lose your tune - and watch out for obstacles!

Lucky Vibes has four levels that depict the Fondation Louis Vuitton in different situations: in summer, in a storm, at night and during a concert. When transitioning between levels, players learn interesting facts about the building and its history.

Special “competition days” will be held several times a year, when the best players can win prizes and exclusive invitations to the Fondation.

With its new Lucky Vibes app, the Fondation is appealing to a digitally savvy public, particularly teenagers and young adults.



How to get the game?

The game is available free from the App Store, and the Google Play in French and English.