"Nuit Blanche"

Saturday 3 October 2015

8 p.m. - 2 a.m.
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"Nuit Blanche"

On the occasion of the 14th “Nuit Blanche” on Saturday October 3, 2015, the Fondation Louis Vuitton will be open free to visitors from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Fondation Louis Vuitton is a “High Environmental Quality” (HQE) architectural project, at once responsible and innovative. It thus accords with the 2015 “Nuit Blanche,” dedicated to the COP21 to be held in Paris later this year.

Visitors will be able to discover this exceptional building in its entirety, at no cost, and to experience for themselves the “Pop” and “Music” hangings, recently enriched with video installations based on pop music. They will also be able to explore the building by way of an immersive audiovisual guide to a concept by Janet Cardiff and George B. Miller.

The first axis of the “Pop” hanging centres on works that demonstrate the interest shown by artists since the advent of the consumer society in objects and images in advertising, film, TV, and, latterly, the Internet.

The artists presented are: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mohamed Bourouissa, Gilbert & George, Andreas Gursky, Bertrand Lavier, Adam McEwen, Michel Majerus, Christian Marclay, Philippe Parreno, Richard Prince, Sturtevant, and Andy Warhol.

The second axis, “music”, proposes works in the form of environments, sculpture, and video, for which the constitutive material is music—symphonic, popular, choral, or instrumental,—or simply sound itself.

The artists presented are: Marina Abramović, Pilar Albarracín, Ziad Antar, Ulla von Brandenburg, John Cage, Rineke Dijkstra, Cyprien Gaillard, Douglas Gordon, Mark Leckey, Philippe Parreno, Jaan Toomik, and Hannah Weinberger.

The exhibit concludes with the extended presentation of works by Thomas Schütte and the commission offered to Cerith Wyn Evans. 

Electric shuttles run from the Parc Monceau to the Fondation Louis Vuitton until half-past midnight. 


The audiovisual walk of Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures Miller


Since 1995 Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have been co-designing installations and immersive audio-visual walks that blend reality and fiction.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller offer a thirty minute immersive visual and sound walk made from previously filmed scenes in indoor and outdoor areas of the Fondation, with the collaboration of actors, dancers and musicians. Equipped with iPod Touches and headphones, visitors are driven by the voice of a narrator - which Janet Cardiff herself provided for the English version - to walk through the building while simultaneously discovering on their screens figures shot in various situations  right where the visitors are standing.    

The story of the "Nuit Blanche"

Since 2002, the City of Paris has organized a“Nuit Blanche” on the first Saturday in October. In a party atmosphere, this large-scale, all-night festival centres on the installation of works of art in public spaces and in iconic Paris buildings. Every year this free event, intended for all, is attended by several million people. It takes place over the whole metropolitan area.

The success of the “Nuit Blanche” in Paris since its creation in 2002 has led to several other capitals and urban centres in Europe and all over the world staging their own “White Night” on the Parisian model: from Brussels to Kyoto, from Melbourne to La Paz, today similar events are organized by more than 25 cities.    

The essential

Saturday 3 October 2015
8 p.m. - 2 a.m.


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The Fondation invites you to go back on the concert of Boris Berezovsky, piano, and Henri Demarquette, cello. 

Friday 3 April 2020
8.30 p.m.
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Violoncelles, vibrez ! #FLVfromhome

The Fondation invites you behind the scene of the Classe d'Excellence de Violoncelle of Gautier Capuçon. This documentary goes through the work of Gautier Capuçon and the 6 laureates of the first promotion from December 2014 to June 2015.

Sunday 29 March 2020
5.30 p.m.
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The Collection of the Fondation. A Vision for Painting #FLVfromhome

This week, the Fondation invites you to focus on its latest selection of works of its Collection : A vision for painting. 70 works from 23 international artists gathered around one main theme : painting, from the 1960s to the present day. 

Wednesday 1 April 2020