Following the French government’s regulations, the Fondation is closed until further notice. The Cindy Sherman at the Fondation exhibition continues online.


Event From 29.10.2020 to 31.01.2021

Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures, New York © 2020 Cindy Sherman

Live the exhibition through special content from social medias, our Fondation Louis Vuitton App and our website.

In this special context, discover the Fondation from your home and relive the Cindy Sherman at the Fondation exhibition thanks to a filmed visit, a 20-minute immersion into the galleries accompanied by the curators’ comments. Our live tours with a cultural guide are also extended !

Around the exhibition

Parcours filmé de l'exposition

The « Cindy Sherman at the Fondation » exhibition is extended online until January 31st 2021 thanks to a filmed visit! Delve virtually into the galleries thanks to the curators’ comments.

Discover 170 artworks by the American photographer Cindy Sherman. Her portraits, in which she stages herself and embodies various characters, are all questions about identity and today's images.

Parallel to this retrospective, the Fondation presents the "Crossing Views" sequence, a selection of works from its Collection chosen in collaboration with Cindy Sherman herself.

A 20-minute filmed visit of the exhibition commented by Suzanne Pagé, Olivier Michelon, Marie-Laure Bernadac, Nathalie Ogé and Ludovic Delalande (in French, with English subtitles).

LIVE short-tours

Only available in french

Original and immersive, the Fondation’s LIVE micro-tour is experienced from your own home. You can interact with a cultural mediator and other logged in visitors (limited to 9 attendees) to spend a friendly moment, discussing the works, as if you were actually there.


Exhibition Café

Filmed on location in the galleries, the exhibition curators Angéline Scherf and Olivier Michelon shed light on the “Cindy Sherman à la Fondation” exhibition. Learn more about the works of Cindy Sherman and the other participating artists in the “Crossing Views” sequence!

Discover the Exhibition Café of the week hosted by Angeline Scherf, co-curator of the "Crossing Views" exhibition, on the subject of the artist Ziad Antar.

The world of Cindy Sherman

The original world of Cindy Sherman is elucidated in a video featuring archive images and artwork. An opportunity to learn more about the creative process and better grasp the meaning behind her work!

Discover the theme dedicated to “Cindy Sherman in her studio”

Each weekend, participate in our Instagram contest based on that week’s theme. A playful approach to further your understanding!


Some contemporary artists presented in the “Crossing Views” sequence are invited to comment their works.

Samuel Fosso presents his works from the Collection of the Fondation.

Walk through the exhibition with Annette Messager and Marie Darrieussecq

Annette Messager, artist, and Marie Darrieussecq, writter, walk through the exhibition and exchange their point of view on the work of Cindy Sherman.

Musical break with Yaël Naim

Inspired by Cindy Sherman's universe and the scenography of the exhibition, Yael Naim, writter-composer, pianist and guitarist, performs a musical and poetic break in the galleries.

“I feel connected to the work of Cindy Sherman, to the questions she’s has on identity. It inspired me to stroll through the exhibition. Her faces resonating to our own dualities, the constant confrontations between the roles we play, and our inner quest for authenticity. An unexpected fugue, sometimes a capella facing the mysterious echoes that cross me”.

The Fondation Louis Vuitton App

As we wait to reopen, our tour application makes it possible for you to explore the “Cindy Sherman à la Fondation” exhibition remotely and to discover unprecedented content. Audio and video commentary by Cindy Sherman herself, as well as the curators and other artists from “Crossing Views”, bring a new perspective to the themes of the exhibitions.

The inspiring circuit sweeps you away for the soothing saga of the Fondation’s permanent artistic orders.

And 360° virtual tours immerse you in the Fondation’s incredible world. Here, you can fly over the building and all of Paris, rediscover the installation by Daniel Buren that temporarily adorned the Fondation’s glass sails, and enjoy a night-time view of the exterior architecture.

  • Catalogue de l'exposition

    A défaut de parcourir l’exposition sur place, feuilletez-la chez vous, grâce au catalogue !

    L’ouvrage est disponible sur notre boutique en ligne, et aussi chez tous les libraires ayant mis en place le Click and Collect. Le catalogue est publié en versions française et anglaise. Une coédition Hazan / Fondation Louis Vuitton.

    Catalogue « Cindy Sherman à la Fondation. Une rétrospective, de 1975 à 2020 ». 35 euros, 240 pages

Digital tools

  • PopBook Pocket

    The Pop Book Pocket is a fun creation tool that lets you craft personalised photos and GIFs and decorate them alone or with your family. Express your creativity with stickers and backgrounds inspired by Frank Gehry’s architecture and contemporary artworks! 

  • 360° experience

    Dive into Daniel Buren's installation with a 360° experience from your computer and your smartphone.

  • Visite nocturne 360°

    Visitez les extérieurs de la Fondation au clair de lune dans une visite virtuelle à 360° disponible depuis votre ordinateur et votre smartphone.

    © Fondation Louis Vuitton 2018 – Denis Gliksman 

  • Visite aérienne 360°

    Envolez-vous au-dessus de l’écrin de verdure de la Fondation et admirez l’édifice et Paris depuis le ciel dans une visite virtuelle à 360° disponible depuis votre ordinateur et votre smartphone.

    © Fondation Louis Vuitton 2020 – Timographie 360 – Timothée Eisenegger

  • Lucky Vibes

    This game is inspired by iconic mobile games from the 2010s: fly over the Fondation, avoid obstacles, catch notes, but don’t lose your tune! And do you have the skills to reach the last level?


  • Activities to enjoy at home

    The Fondation offers its young visitors to take part in a selection of emblematic activities from the Atelier to do at home with the family, as well as, a selection of illustrated games echoing the exhibitions and the Collection!

  • Apprentice Architect

    The edutainment app, designed for ages 8 through 12, lets young visitors become apprentice architects and explore the secrets of how the Fondation was built.

  • Game book

    For every exhibition, the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the French children’s magazine Georges create an original game book for kids ages 7 through 12!