Poésie now!

From 26 October to 23 November

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Poésie now!

Programme designed by Jérôme Game


Sound poetry, lyric poetry, digital poetry, prose poetry, video poetry, performance poetry, conference poetry... Open  to different languages, geographical areas, generations, and all kinds of formats and styles, the aim of this programme is to discover the rich diversity of what is covered by the word 'poetry' today, as an act of feeling, expression and thought in the world.

Poetry  is connected  to everything and stubbornly refuses to be locked into a single definition. It is constantly in motion and knows no borders. It captures and participates in the entire hybrid nature of contemporary creativity. And what it offers is a new ability to grasp things, recompose them, and thus create new life forms.

Contemporary poetry never stops reinventing itself and everything around it. It is this energy then that Poetry Now! wants to share with the public through live experiences.


- Sunday 26 October

4:30 pm to 7:30 pm – Gallery 3 - Jean-Michel Espitallier ‘Autobiographie’ ['Autobiography'] duration: 3 hours

- Thursday 30 October

6:30 pm – Auditorium - Carla Demierre ‘VARVARA’ duration: 30 minutes

- Saturday 1 November

5:00 pm - Auditorium - Alessandro de Francesco ‘Corps Etranger en Mouvement Ascensionnel’ ['Foreign Bodies in Ascensional Movement'] duration: 40-45 minutes

- Sunday 2 November

5:00 pm - Gallery 2 - Valérie Mréjen ‘Nuancier 3’ ['Colour Chart 3'] and ‘Monsieur Rivière’ ['Mr. Rivière'] duration: 30-40 minutes

- Friday 7 November

6:00 pm - Gallery 2 - Yoann Thommerel ‘Mon Corps est Poétique’ ['My Body Is Poetic'] duration: 35 minutes

- Saturday 8 November

5:00 pm – Gallery 2 - Sandra Moussempès ‘Beauty Sitcom’ duration: 40 minutes

- Sunday 9 November

5:00 pm – Gallery 2 - Alain Farah ‘La forme de la Littérature à Venir’ ['The Future Form of Literature'] duration approximately 30 minutes

- Thursday 13 November

6:00 pm – Gallery 2 – The White Review presents Keston Sutherland and Andrea Brady duration: 80 minutes

- Friday 14 November

6:00 pm - Gallery 2 – The White Review presents Ed Atkins and Eugene Ostashevsky duration: 80 minutes

- Saturday 15 November

6:30 pm – Auditorium - Anne-James Chaton with Alva Noto 'Analogique/Digital’ ['Analogue/Digital'] duration: 50 minutes

- Sunday 16  November

5:00 pm -  Auditorium - Caroline Bergvall ‘1DJ2MANY’ with Adam Parkinson and ‘Solo Pieces’ duration: 45 minutes

- Friday 21 November

8:30 pm – Auditorium - Chloé Delaume ‘Les Confidences de la Sibylle’  ['Sibylle's Secrets'] duration: 30 minutes

- Saturday 22 November

5:00 pm - Gallery 2 - Man-Han Yung duration: 30 minutes.

- Sunday 23 November

4:30 pm - Auditorium - Marie Richeux with Jacob Stambach ‘Achille’ [Achilles] duration: 30 minutes

5:30 pm - Auditorium - Emmanuelle Pireyre ‘Lynx’ with Gilles Weinzaepflen duration: 40 minutes



Executive production: Lebeau & Associés.

the artist

Jérôme Game

Jérôme Game is a writer. Since 2000 he has published fifteen books and given many lectures and performances in France and abroad. He has also co-directed a DVD of video poems, posters and photographic installations.

His writing is often developed through collaborations with visual artists, musicians, directors or choreographers during performance interventions, exploring points of contact between writing and visual practices (images, video, sound).

His latest publications and creations include: DQ/HK (book + 2 CDs, l'Attente, 2013); La Fille du Far West (MAC/VAL, 2012); Sous Influence. Ce Que l'Art Contemporain Fait à la Littérature (essay, MAC/VAL, 2012), Fabuler, Dit-Il (Théâtre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine [National Bordeaux Aquitaine Theatre], 2014); Overflow (Maison de la Poésie-Scène Littéraire [Poetry and Literary Theatre Centre] of Paris, 2014); AroundTheWorld3.0 (MAMCO, Geneva, 2014). Website: www.jeromegame.com   

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From 26 October to 23 November


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