Frank Gehry Exhibition - Gallery 4

Past exhibition - From October 20 to February 16 2015

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Frank Gehry Exhibition - Gallery 4

The opening of the Fondation Louis Vuitton is the opportunity to revisit an extraordinary architectural adventure, through an exhibition dedicated to the building designed by Frank Gehry. The curatorship has been entrusted to Frédéric Migayrou, assisted by Sébastien Cherruet, in close cooperation with the teams at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. The intention is to give the public an opportunity to immerse themselves in the project's beginnings and aims to present the design work in its entirety, from the first sketches to the completion of building work.

Alongside original drawings, the exhibition brings together for the first time all the models produced over the course of the project. They are organized into groups, retracing the design of different aspects of the building: how it fits into the site, the interior spaces, volume of glass sails, etc. A large-scale piece in the centre of the gallery is a key exhibit. The "1:50 confirmation model" is an approval model, a link between physical representations and digital models. The role of IT tools is touched upon, as is the importance of research and development efforts that enabled the development of Ductal and glass panels, each one unique. Frank Gehry is a pioneer in the use of software applied to construction; with the Fondation Louis Vuitton, he has created an outstanding example of "non-standard" architecture.

Designed in conjunction with Frank Gehry's teams, this exhibition is not a simple juxtaposition of works but a unique installation. The groups of models evoke schools of fish – a reference to which Frank Gehry is very attached. Illuminated against a dark background, the work seems to float in a liquid atmosphere. The projection of two large videos created using drones adds a dynamic quality. The journey through the exhibition reflects the voyage through the building itself, full of detours and discoveries. It offers visitors an immersion into the creative universe of Frank Gehry.

The curators

Commissaire : Frédéric Migayrou, Directeur adjoint du musée national d'art moderne/ Centre Pompidou en charge des services architecture et design.

Commissaire adjoint : Sébastien Cherruet

Conception scénographique : Gehry Partners LLP

It is a very unusual building. I have never designed anything exactly like it.

Frank Gehry

The essential

From October 20 to February 16 2015

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