Ensemble intercontemporain - LES CRIS DE PARIS Concert

8 mars 2024
Disponible jusqu'au 20 juin 2024
As part of the "Mark Rothko" exhibition, the Fondation welcomes The Ensemble Intercontemporain, les Cris de Paris et Geoffroy Jourdain

“Tragedy, ecstasy, doom”: three words uttered and interpreted by Mark Rothko that resonate profoundly with the world of Mozart. For the painter, Mozart was the musical alpha and omega, the central figure of his sonic references. Beyond the similarities in their life journeys (child prodigy, weighty father figure, touring Europe in youth), the founding concepts of their languages create their own dialogue: simplicity, power, expressiveness, “the simple expression of the complex thought,” as Rothko termed it. Certain musical figures have created a discourse with Rothko’s pictorial world in their work, such as Morton Feldman and his legendary Rothko Chapel, but also Rebecca Saunders with her piece Albescere for twelve instruments and five voices. Original music will round out the evening in the Rothko-rich work commissioned from Augustin Braud by the Ensemble Intercontemporain.

Program :

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Adagio and Rondo for flute, oboe, viola, cello and harp K.617
  • Rebecca Saunders, Albescere for 12 instruments and 5 voices (2001)
  • Augustin Braud, Infigure - World premiere for solo violin, inspired by the work of Mark Rothko (Commissioned by the Ensemble Intercontemporain)
  • Morton Feldman, Rothko Chapel for choir, solo voices and 3 instruments (1971)