Einzelgänger IV, 2000


Wolfgang Tillmans

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc

Domage © Wolfgang Tillmans

The series "Einzelgänger" (2003) was made in a dark room by exposing photographic paper to light sources before it was developed.

The resulting images appear to feature liquid, hair, internal organs or sub-aquatic scenes, but no liquid was actually used in their making. The effects were achieved by hand, dry: the printed marks were literally created by the artist's movements. Although at first sight these works do not look like photographs, the abstract lines highlight the photographic process, whether or not a camera was used. The images were not created using an automatic process but reflect the artist's own touch and physical presence. Wolfgang Tillmans began to work with abstraction in 1998, not considering it to be a new direction but a pause in the obligation to represent.

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