Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore with Sound System (10 year anniversary remaster), 1999


Mark Leckey

© Mark Leckey - Fondation Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo

Comprising a wall of speakers and a video, "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore with Sound System (10 Years Anniversary Remaster)" (1999-2002, 2010) offers a hypnotic and nostalgic journey through the history of British subcultures from the 1970s to the 1990s.

 The film is compiled from video archives and features disco, acid house and northern soul, which celebrated American soul music of the 1960s. The piece is partly autobiographical: the artist experienced the explosion of the techno movement in Britain, and Fiorucci refers to the moment in British culture when many teenagers, including the artist, wore clothing brands as tribal emblems. The red and black sound system references the audio equipment used by the Jamaican community in Britain, and the mixing of British youth cultures.

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