My Ideal, 2008


Zhang Xiaogang

© Zhang Xiaogang. Photo Fondation

Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

© Zhang Xiaogang. Photo Fondation

Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo

Following on from "Bloodline – A Big Family", a series of portraits initiated in 1993 by Zhang Xiaogang, "My Ideal" (2003-2008) combines oil on canvas with sculpture.

It features five children, naked from the waist down, dressed in adult uniforms representing the different careers planned for them by their parents. This first sculpture by the artist is full of symbolism. The group represents four classes of society, symbolised by the Chinese flag: workers, peasants, students and shopkeepers. Here, they are joined by soldiers, an important group in contemporary China.

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Zhang Xiaogang

Born in 1958, in Kunming (China)

Having grown up during the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Xiaogang explores themes of memory and individual identity in the context of Chinese collectivism. 
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