Lucky Vibes

Lucky Vibes is a game you can play on your smartphone that combines music and dexterity. It is a radical new initiative from a cultural institution.


Fly over Frank Gehry’s building in your Tubaloon to catch as many notes as possible. But don’t lose your tune - and watch out for obstacles!


Lucky Vibes has four levels that depict the Fondation Louis Vuitton in different situations: in summer, in a storm, at night and during a concert. When transitioning between levels, players learn interesting facts about the building and its history.


Special “competition days” will be held several times a year, when the best players can win prizes and exclusive invitations to the Fondation.


With its new Lucky Vibes app, the Fondation is appealing to a digitally savvy public, particularly teenagers and young adults.


The game is available free from the App Store, and the Google Play in French and English.

The Fondation Louis Vuitton App

Apprentice Architect

Game book (7-12 years old)