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    From 23.09.2020 to 03.01.2021

    Cindy Sherman at the Fondation

    The Fondation presents the most substantial Cindy Sherman exhibition to be presented in Europe over the last 10 years with 170 works from 1975 to 2020. The exhibition will cover her entire career, with a particular focus on pieces produced since the early 2010s, as well as some previously unseen works.

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    4 November 2020 – 8:30pm

    Alexander Romanovsky

    At only 11 years old, Alexander Romanovsky was spotted with the Moscow Virtuosos directed by Vladimir Spivakov. The young Ukrainian pianist confirmed his place as a fascinating, clear and subtle performer. His talent has led him to the biggest international stages and festivals. 

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    From 24.09.2020 to 12.11.2020

    Photographic staging

    ​The evening tours have special themes that introduce you to a particular aspect of an exhibition or explore a subject in greater detail with a guide.

  • Visite Cliches Feminins


    From 25.09.2020 to 13.11.2020

    Women clichés

    From her very first series, Untitled Film Stills, Cindy Sherman depicts different roles, attitudes and stereotypes generally attributed to actresses, models and Madonnas, and subverts the genre with her hybrid characters. This tour presents Sherman’s many photos with female subjects, from her first prints to her recent tapestries.