Late Hours "Build it like Perriand"

Friday 7 February 2020

7 p.m. - 11 p.m.
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Late Hours "Build it like Perriand"
Late Hours

On the first Friday of every month, the Fondation hosts its “Late Hours”, offering a new perspective on the building, the art works and the exhibitions. In February, the Late Hours will showcase the work of young architects.




7 P.M. - 10.30 P.M. 




Launched in November 2019, the call for projects entitled “Build it like Perriand” offered architecture students and recent graduates an opportunity to pay tribute to the architectural heritage of Charlotte Perriand by designing “modules for living” in the Fondation building. For this Late Hours, visitors will be able to view all three winning projects of the competition. 




Office for a Bird is a place to dream, to camp in and to get close to nature. Designed for two people, the space is streamlined as much as possible: the beds become a coffee table and the roof turns into a screen. By creating a dialogue with nature and using the tatami mat as a unit of measurement, the Japanese influence is central to this project. Office for a Bird celebrates Perriand's approach to minimalist and modular spaces, enriched by her work in the mountains and in Japan.




Symbiote is a module for living designed entirely in harmony with nature, as a place of symbiosis and communion between the user and their surrounding natural environment. It can be moved to different locations and unfolds like a fan, creating a shelter for sleeping, eating and relaxing. The project, designed to surround a tree, is an ideal space for people who live with respect for the environment – a modern utopia where everyone finds their balance. 




The Nuage workshop is a mobile bicycle repair hub. Developed as a place for people to meet and work together, the space can be adapted to different needs. Cyclists can make use of the tools available as well as enjoy the relaxation area. Inspired by Charlotte Perriand's bookcases with storage units and her kit dwellings, the Nuage workshop is a largely open space and can be transported by bicycle. 

From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. enjoy a bicyce repair workshop by Cyclofix. 








8.30 P.M. - 9.10 P.M.

The music of Losange offers constant discovery. While his electro sounds seem tinged with nostalgia, his exploration of rhythms takes us to new musical realms. This makes Losange's melodies almost familiar, while being unpredictable and surprising.


Molécule DJ Set

9.30 P.M. - 10.30 P.M.

Nature is at the heart of Molécule's work. It is both his source of inspiration and the raw material for his music. Like Perriand, who explored beaches and mountains in search of new forms, Molécule collects sounds in the surroundings of extreme environments. For Nazaré, Molécule's latest project, he used the sound of giant waves crashing at one of world's most dangerous surfing spots. These recordings allowed him to compose powerful melodies, developing an original style that blends electronic and environmental sounds. 



7 P.M. - 10.30 P.M. 

SHORT TOURS « Mystery Material »


Every 30 minutes from the "Short Tours" meeting points


From woven straw to polished steel, Perriand used products in new ways with a great sense of freedom. Choose your material and let the guides lead you to the corresponding furniture designed by Charlotte Perriand!

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Friday 7 February 2020
7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

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Cantine du Marché will be offering food and drink inspired by Japan, a country that had a significant influence on Perriand's work. 


At the bar, Japan's beer, Makkuro de Deck and Donohue, will be available, as well as an umeshu cocktail and iced tea. 


Food-wise, Hana Bento will serve up authentic Japanese bento. 


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  • - Reduced Price €5.00


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