Noé Soulier: Movement Materials

From 25 October to 23 November 2014 - Auditorium

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Noé Soulier: Movement Materials

Noé Soulier produces performances, ballets and installations. He trained at the Centre National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse [National Centre of Music and Dance] in Paris, the National Ballet School of Canada and PARTS - Brussels, and holds a degree in Philosophy. He questions how gestures are perceived and interpreted through multiple devices: choreography, installation, theoretical testing and performance. In Mouvement sur Mouvement [Movement on Movement] (2013) and Signe Blanc [White Symbol] (2012), he introduces discord between speech and the accompanying gestures to question how they work together to develop something meaningful. Soulier is a former artist-in-residence at the Palais de Tokyo Pavilion, and won first prize in 2010 at the Danse Élargie [Expanded Dance] competition in Paris. He has also performed at the Paris Autumn Festival (2013) and collaborated with the Nancy-based Ballet de Lorraine (2014).


Noé Soulier creates movement sequences motivated by practical goals with five dancers. Movement Materials seeks to question the perception and reading of movement by continually juxtaposing movements and intentions. Movements appear in turn as expectations, signs, starts or approach runs. The dancers will occupy various areas of the Fondation, and the presence of their bodies will mingle with the silent musicality of their breathing, their respiration and the friction of their movements.


Yumiko Funaya, born in Tokyo in 1984, lives in Brussels.

José Paulo dos Santos, born in Brazil in 1988, lives in Brussels.

Anna Massoni, born in France in 1985, lives in Paris.

Norbert Pape, born in Germany in 1981, lives in Frankfurt.

Nans Pierson, born in France in 1988, lives in Paris.

Noé Soulier (1987) lives and works in Paris.

the artists

Noé Soulier

Concept and choreography: Noé Soulier

Costumes : Chiara Valle Vallomini

Executive production: ND Productions (Paris)

With the support of the Centre National de la Danse [National Centre of Dance] (CND, Pantin).

The essential

Estimated duration : 30-40 min
From 25 October to 23 November 2014



Saturday October 25, at 5:00 pm - Auditorium
Saturday November 1, at 2:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Sunday November 2, at 12:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Thursday November 6, at 5:00 pm - Galleries 2 and 3
Friday November 7, at 3:00 pm - Galleries 2 and 3
Saturday November 15, at 4:00 pm - Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Sunday November 16, at 2:00 pm  - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Thursday November 20, at 6:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Friday November 21, at 6:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Saturday November 22, at 3:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3
Sunday November 23, at 1:00 pm - Auditorium, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3

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