#FLVfromhome : Observatory of light

Past exhibition - Wednesday 8 April 2020

6 p.m.

#FLVfromhome invites you to focus on Frank Gehry's building - whose architecture serves as an inspiration to artists - “Observatory of Light” by Daniel Buren was installed from 11 May 2016 to 2 May 2017 across the glass ‘sails’, the emblematic feature of the building.


The twelve ‘sails’, formed of 3,600 pieces of glass, were covered by a staggering array of coloured filters that are in turn punctuated, at equal distances from one another, by alternating white and blank stripes perpendicular to the ground. The thirteen selected colours made coloured forms appear and disappear, ever-changing with the time of day and the season. Through a play of colours, projections, reflections, transparencies and contrasts, both inside and outside, Daniel Buren showed this building in a new light.


The film shows the preparation and spectacular assembly of Daniel Buren’s installation. The artist along with Suzanne Pagé, artistic director of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and Nicolas Paschal, engineer, reflect on the origins and assembly of the project.


Chief Curator: Suzanne Pagé


Video available one week after its upload. 


« Daniel Buren, Fondation Louis Vuitton »

A movie by Gilles Coudert.

© 2016 a.p.r.e.s production / Fondation Louis Vuitton


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Available on DVD

Works & Process Daniel Buren Volume 2

(with 5 films/3h programme) edited by APRES éditions :



Dive into Daniel Buren's installation with a 360° experience

The essential

Wednesday 8 April 2020


Programme #FLVfromhome

Each week, the Fondation offers you the possibility to watch on Facebook and YouTube an exhibition, concert and a masterclass that has been presented in its grounds since its 2014 opening.


The Fondation sets 3 rendezvous:


Wednesday at 6 p.m.

A visit of an exhibition with commentary by the curators


Friday at 8:30 p.m.

A concert held at the Auditorium


Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

A concert by the graduates of the Classe d’Excellence de Violoncelle led by Gautier Capuçon.

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Keys to a Passion #FLVfromhome

The exhibition "Keys to a passion”, presented from 1 April to 6 july 2015, was arranged around four sequences which echoed the four  "lines” which underpin the Foundation’s contemporary collection: subjective expressionism, contemplative, popist and music.​

Wednesday 20 May 2020
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Gilbert and George #FLVfromhome

Relive the exhibition Gilbert and George, There Were Two Young Men (April 1971), a “Charcoal on Paper sculpture” in six parts belonging to the Fondation’s collection.


Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Talk Gilbert & George #FLVfromhome

​Hans Ulrich Obrist meets Gilbert and George at the Auditorium of the Fondation. The perfect way to go back on the way they met, their story and art. 

Thursday 28 May 2020