Open Space #4 Hoël Duret

Past exhibition - From 12 January to 22 April 2019

Hoël Duret, NFT pH<7, 2017, video still © Hoël Duret. Photo : © Ludovic Carème
Open Space #4 Hoël Duret

Hoël Duret, NFT pH<7, 2017, video still © Hoël Duret. Photo : © Ludovic Carème

Open Space is a programme dedicated to the most contemporary artistic expressions. National and international artists are invited to create a specific project for the Fondation. Open Space takes place regularly in different settings around Frank Gehry’s building.


Hoël Duret’s work brings together different artistic practices, from the visual arts to performance and design, and is based on fictional stories inspired by real events and realised through a variety of media. With an aesthetic that draws on alternative cultures, the New Age movement, post-apocalyptic cinema and modernist utopias and their failures, Duret examines relationships between nature and technology, particularly the representation of landscape.


For Open Space #4, Duret has turned Gallery 8 into a new type of multisensory immersive environment. Inspired by 19th century botanical glasshouses, biospheres in Arizona and experimental crop-growing in orbit, NFT pH <7 logique (2019) takes the form of a mock landscape. Composed of a profusion of different plant species and a variety of technological equipment, this hyper-connected ecosystem is controlled by an algorithm that reacts to climate data published around the world on Twitter, and activates, in real time and randomly, the various elements of the piece (soundtrack, lighting, hydraulic system and mist). NFT pH <7 logique drips, oozes, sizzles and breathes like a disturbing, fantastical mechanical organism.

Computer programme created in collaboration with Takima.

NFT pH <7 logique (2019) benefits from the support of the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil and the National Natural History Museum, and the collaboration of the Lycée Agricole de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.


Hoël Duret is represented by TORRI, Paris. 


Born in 1988 in Nantes, Hoël Duret lives and works in Paris and Nantes. He graduated from ESBA-Nantes in 2011. His works have recently been presented in solo and group shows at the Galerie Edouard Manet (Gennevilliers), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Galerie TORRI, (Paris), Mudam (Luxembourg), Yishu 8 (Beijing, China), Seoul Art Museum – SEMA (Seoul, South Korea) and the Palazzo Strozzi (Florence, Italy).  


Ludovic Delalande et Claire Staebler

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From 12 January to 22 April 2019

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