Area for discoveries

The bookshop of the Fondation Louis Vuitton was also inspired by the architectural ambitions of Frank Gehry and the values of the LVMH group. It's an area for discoveries dedicated to creation, a window open on the current state of contemporary art, particularly at international level.


Aware of the diversity and demanding character of the audiences visiting the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the library team proposes a multidisciplinary offer built around four axes: contemporary art, architecture, the applied arts and youth.


To access the bookshop you need to have a Fondation ticket.


The Fondation Louis Vuitton’s publications offer readers the opportunity to discover and understand the Fondation, what drives it, its architectural structure and its cultural programming.

The works available include exhibition catalogues, monographic studies, limited editions by artists, children’s books, a book in Braille for the visually impaired and a magazine published twice a year that provides details on the cultural programming and unveils the works presented at the Fondation.

materiautheque 02


For its merchandising products the Fondation Louis Vuitton wanted to draw its inspiration from the architecture and the building's seven principal materials - silkscreened glass, laminated plywood sheets, stainless steel, grey painted steel, transparent glass, Rocheron stone and Ductal.

The product range reveals a group of objects playing on shades of colour (white, matte, brilliant, frosted, wood, steel) and on materials, both minerals (glass, sand) and natural (wood, cotton). The products are simple, plain, light-hearted.

These objects fall into the standard range of museum merchandising: the mugs are silkscreened glass or white porcelain, bags are of untreated cotton, candles play on transparency, the umbrellas recall the glass sails, make-up bags turn inside-out.

Catalogue of the inaugural exhibition


The Journal #7 "In Tune with the World" Exhibition


White canvas tote bag