Africa Express presents...Terry Riley's in C Mali

Sunday 21 May 2017 - Auditorium

5 p.m.
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Africa Express presents...Terry Riley's in C Mali

Africa Express presents the first African version of Terry Riley's masterpiece.


Created in 2006, Africa Express is a collective of African and Western musicians that brings together artists from different cultures, genres and generations for exceptional collaborative events. 

Presented here in two remarkable performances, In C Mali is the reinterpretation of In C (1964), the masterpiece by the minimalist composer Terry Riley, with traditional African instruments (koras, balafons, n'goni, guitar, flute, percussion...). Bringing together 18 musicians on stage under the exceptional direction of Musical Director, André de Ridder. Also featuring Cheick Diallo (flute), Hawa Kasse Mady from Trio Da Kali (female vocal) and on guitars Romeo Stodart (The Magic Numbers) and Bryce Dessner (The National).


In line with Riley’s instructions, the live performance is unplanned, each musician chooses how often they repeat the 53 short phrases which make up the piece, creating an never ending musical kaleidoscope. Riley himself says In C Mali sounds ‘as if the music is coming home’.


The essential

Sunday 21 May 2017
5 p.m. - Auditorium


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