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    From 22.09.2021 to 22.02.2022

    The Morozov Collection. Icons of modern art

    The exhibition will take over the entire galleries of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and will present the masterpieces from the Collection of the brothers Morozov, the great early 20th century Moscovite patrons and collectors who put together one of the most exceptional collections of French modern art and Russian modern art.

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    Online event

    From 27.11.2021 to 19.02.2022

    Visit LIVE "The Morozov Collection"

    Visitez l’exposition « La Collection Morozov. Icônes de l’Art Moderne. » depuis chez vous, et échangez en petit comité, avec un médiateur culturel !

  • Exhibition

    From 22.09.2021 to 24.01.2022

    Open Space #8 Bianca Bondi

    For Open Space #8, Bianca Bondi will transform Galerie 8 into a landscape of sights, sounds and scents inspired by natural phenomena such as hot springs, salt flats, Mexican Cenotes, and evocative of divination practices and offering rituals.

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  • Music

    From 29.01.2022 to 30.01.2022

    Promotion VII - January Session

    Every year since 2014, the Classe d'Excellence de Violoncelle de Gautier Capuçon takes place in the Auditorium of the Fondation. This project, created and directed by Gautier Capuçon, is designed to promote six young and talented cellists from around the world.