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Niele Toroni

Niele Toroni

Born in 1937, in Muralto (Suisse)

Lives and works in Paris (France)

His work is always carried out by hand and is never the same. Each stroke of brush number 50 differs according to the quantity of paint used, the power of the movement, and the painted surface. 

Toroni considers himself a painter—not an artist— and describes his work in simple terms: “Since 1966, I’ve been using flat brushes, five centimeters wide, that I apply to a given surface at regular thirty-centimeter intervals.” Working on stretched or unstretched canvas, fabric, waxed canvas, or directly on the wall, the artist’s approach consists of “filling everything that is white and creating form without a preconceived idea, simply to mark the place, take note of it, and in doing so, reveal it.” 


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