Bathers at Asnières, 2010


Wilhelm Sasnal

Wilhelm Sasnal. Bathers at Asnières. 2010. Huile sur toile. 160 x 120 cm

Collection Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

© Wilhelm Sasnal 2010-2018 © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

Adrián Villar Rojas, From the series The Theater of Disappearance  (2017) et

Wilhelm Sasnal,  Bathers at Asnières (2010)

Vue d’installation à la Fondation Louis Vuitton

Collection Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

© Adrian Villar Rojas © Wilhelm Sasnal 2010-2018

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

Inspired by Georges Seurat’s Une Baignade à Asnières (1884), this painting revisits the post-impressionist masterpiece, focusing on the solitary and melancholic figure of a young man sitting beside the river.

Inspired by his memories of childhood in Poland, Sasnal also draws on his grandmother's stories about the hot summer of 1939, when the people of her village bathed in the river, waiting for news of the rumoured war. A figurative painter, Sasnal blends large and small histories in which family stories merge with Poland's darkest chapter.

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Wilhelm Sasnal

Born in 1972, in Tarnów (Poland)
Lives and works in Kraków (Poland)

Wilhelm Sasnal trained as an architect but is first and foremost a painter. He works in numerous other mediums including photography, the graphic novel, film and video. His subjects are daily life, historical figures, views of Kraków and important moments in the lives of his friends and family. Sasnal also appropriates images found on the Internet and in the mass media.
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