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Why become a member ?


Make the Fondation one of your favourite places, with one year of unrestricted access, joined by the person of your choice.

Enjoy privileges: you'll be the very first to hear about our events and get the chance to attend them.

Beat the queues: you and a friend go straight to the front of the queue every day the Fondation is open.

Expect surprises: the Fondation has unique and memorable cultural surprises in store for its Members, all year round.

Enjoy discounts: a special price for all shows and concerts, reserved seats for concerts given by prize-winners and themed dinners in the "Le Frank" restaurant.

Priority booking for tables in the "Le Frank" restaurant.

You have all of our attention: there's a special hotline for Fondation Members: +33 (0)1 40 69 96 01


The Fondation is all yours.


Family-Pass: discover the Fondation with your family




Y-Pass: be part of all the exclusive events of the Fondation



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