Due to the success of the exhibition, we advise you to visit the Fondation in the morning or from 5 p.m.

Visit "Beautiful, bizarre and kitsch"

Event From 22.10.2020 to 10.12.2020

45 min

© 2020 Cindy Sherman. Photo : © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Jules Hidrot

Only available in french 

The evening tours have special themes that introduce you to a particular aspect of an exhibition or explore a subject in greater detail with a guide. Learn about a specific element of art history and take some time to understand the works in a new perspective.

This tour will define and illustrate certain aesthetic concepts found in a range of work by Cindy Sherman.

While stereotypes of beauty are explored through her representations of actresses and models, the Clowns, Broken Dolls and Sex Pictures series tackle strange and bizarre subjects. The tour also explores kitsch and grotesque themes in Sherman’s latest portraits that fight the effects of time and oblivion. 

This visit is organised in conjunction with the exhibition Cindy Sherman at The Fondation Louis Vuitton


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