Les journées particulières

Event From 14.10.2022 to 15.10.2022

Creating dreams

The Fondation presents the "Journées Particulières" events, from friday 14 october for a late-hours opening and saturday 15 october. Discover what goes on behind the scenes at the exhibitions and the different professions at the Fondation.

Friday 14 October

Late-hours at the Fondation

7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Watch a selection of films on the Fondation’s various professions: restoration technicians, curators, guides and even rope access technicians.

The Fondation’s guides welcome you to the Galleries and present short-tours around the “Monet Mitchell” exhibitions. Find out what it’s like to be involved working behind the scenes at an exhibition: from the design stage to the opening !

Saturday 15 October

Treasure hunt

Families are invited to attend the “Journées Particulières” and learn more about what happens at the Fondation by taking part in a fun treasure hunt full of surprises. Guides are available in the Galleries of the “Monet Mitchell” exhibitions. From ground floor to the upper terraces, answer the riddles and find your way around behind the scenes at the Fondation!