Alberto Giacometti


Alberto Giacometti

1901 - 1966, Born in Borgonovo (Switzerland)


Born in the Engadine mountains of Switzerland in 1901, Alberto Giacometti quickly became familiar with post-impressionist and symbolist painting through his father, a painter. 

After moving to France in 1922, Giacometti’s work developed in the direction of post-cubism, before he joined the Surrealist group. In 1935 Giacometti broke away from the avant-garde and returned to working with live models. He was constantly destroying and reworking his sculptures, and his subjects seem to disappear in his ongoing attempts to “see” reality. Working with the form of a head, bust or standing figure, immobile or moving, Giacometti became obsessed with the human figure as his only subject, constantly trying to bring a presence into the world. He pursued this quest through sculpture and painting until the end of his life.

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