Créditphoto : Andrea Rossetti
Philippe Parreno

Créditphoto : Andrea Rossetti

Philippe Parreno

Born in 1964, in Oran (Algeria)

Lives and works in Paris (France)

Preferring projects to objects, Philippe Parreno began examining different approaches to narration and representation in the 1990s, through film, sculpture, performance, drawing and text. 

He is interested in the exhibition as a medium, and is constantly questioning and reinventing its format. In 1999 the No Ghost Just a Shell project, launched with Pierre Huyghe, invited 20 artists to bring to life the manga character Ann Lee, to which they acquired the rights. Through collaborations and polyphony, the project was built up with images and text, stories and signs, disrupting the rules of media. Another important collaboration was the portrait of Zinedine Zidane made with Douglas Gordon, a high-impact visual study of the paradox of a deceptive image (Zidane, 2006). In the 2000s, ghosts, ventriloquists and robots began appearing in his films, posing the question of the origins of storytelling.

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