The restaurant: Le Frank

Jean-Louis Nomicos’ restaurant at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo
Restaurant "Le Frank"

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo

The Fondation Louis Vuitton has placed its restaurant 'Le Frank' in the capable hands of Jean-Louis Nomicos, Michelin-starred chef and owner of the restaurant 'Les Tablettes' on avenue Bugeaud in Paris.

In this architectural structure of light, Jean-Louis Nomicos proposes a natural, flavourful and fragrant menu of French-inspired cuisine, as well as several representative dishes from other countries to accommodate the cultural diversity of the visitors who come to see the collections. The restaurant is an immaculate shade of white, a transparent and reflective environment where colour will be found in the surrounding landscape and on the plate.

Beneath the Frank Gehry fish that populate the restaurant’s ceiling, Jean-Louis Nomicos has imagined a cuisine that changes every hour of the day. Always sophisticated, it nonetheless intensifies in a crescendo of elegance in the evening.


A balanced gourmet selection of menu items is offered

With reinterpretations of flavours, textures, associations and sizes adapted to the different times of day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, aperitifs), different ages (children’s menu), large or small appetites, or current Fondation events — an exhibition, artist, country, colour, etc. This is the intention of the menu selection: to revisit the meal tray in its elegant version, a format which accommodates the soup, salad, main dish, etc. and allows the chef to play with colours, shapes and flavours. There is always a menu item to suit each person’s needs.

For lunch time, Jean-Louis Nomicos has prepared a short menu based on internationally recognized French cuisine, such as his own jambon-beurre sandwich, a classic blanquette-style stew, a reinvented Niçoise salad, or a fish or beef steak tartare. Italy and Asia will also be sources of inspiration…

The afternoon will unfold with a selection of cold dishes, pastries and ice cream; enticing, addictive and creative items that will put a contemporary spin on a classic French repertoire and evoke an essential part of the dream. And as twilight descends over the structure and covers it in shadow, it becomes Champagne Hour, when a classic vintage (changed on a regular basis) will be magnified by sweet and savoury treats.

On late-night Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant remains open and offers a menu similar to lunch, but with more sophistication.

Two wine lists—one by the glass and another by the bottle—accompany the meals, with a coffee, tea and infusion menu at tea time, and quality fruit juices.

in the evening

dinners with stories to tell

The restaurant has a very strong presence, and the architecture is a sculptural creation; it commands respect, as does the cuisine: simple, flavourful, elegant and contemporary. The atmosphere becomes more subdued than during the daylight hours as the glass structure is shrouded by nightfall. The cuisine highlights vegetables and fish, and proudly displays its simple yet refined exquisiteness.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights, Jean-Louis Nomicos proposes dinners based on a theme, which may be a certain product, a champagne, a wine, a personality, chef or producer. Even the Fondation can become the pretext for a theme: an artist’s country of origin, a certain subject or colour—anything is possible. Jean-Louis Nomicos may also invite an international chef to be discovered at the Fondation.

These creative and prestigious dinners will have be reserved and purchased in advance online. For each chosen theme, Jean-Louis Nomicos will propose an exclusive and creative menu whose price may vary depending on the product, guest chef, etc. The menu will be offered with preselected wines or the customer may choose from the wine list.

Restaurant "Le Frank"