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Enjoy activities specially designed for young audiences that highlight the building’s architecture and current exhibitions, to help you explore the Fondation and its artworks in fun, informative ways.

Storytelling tours, workshops, family events, entertaining digital applications, mini-activities to try at home – a great many options have been created for children to help them easily learn more about the Frank Gehry building and its exhibitions.

The family pass

A family pass, covering two adults and up to four children under the age of 18, is available for €32. This pass gives all family members access to the exhibitions of the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Jardin d’Acclimatation.

Tours and workshops

  • 6/10 years old, with your family

    Workshop "Tame the painting"

    Every Saturday and Sunday
    Only available in french

    It’s time for the painting workshop! Children find inspiration in the colour palettes, movements and techniques used by the artists and will get the chance to use some extraordinary tools to create a monumental painting that reflects their own vision of the landscape.

  • 3/5 years old, with your family

    STORYTELLING TOUR “Once upon a Garden

    Every Saturday and Sunday
    Every day during holidays
    Only available in french

    Drawing on a combination of senses and emotions, this enjoyable and thought-provoking walk through the "Monet-Mitchell" exhibitions provides children and parents with an immersive experience into the plant and aquatic worlds of the two artists.

  • 5-10 years old with family


    Duration : 1h
    Only available in french"

    How to feel Monet's and Mitchell's landscape ? With a Fondation's guide and a meditation teacher, go through the "Monet-Mitchell" exhibitions, approach the works differently and get to know the painters.

  • 0-18 mois

    Baby tour

    Duration: 45 min
    Only available in french

    Comment faire découvrir l’art à son bébé ? En douceur et par les sens, guidés par un médiateur culturel ! La Fondation ouvre ses portes aux bébés et à leur parent pour un instant intimiste et chaleureux parmi les œuvres immersives de Claude Monet et de Joan Mitchell.


    During the school holidays, the Fondation opens its doors to families with relaxation and conviviality area at the Auditorium, specially set up for the occasion.

    Before or after visiting the exhibitions, visitors are invited to take some time out over a coffee or a quick lunch break in the Auditorium, at La Cantine du marché. The space is designed for families and is open all day. It offers a selection of children’s books and colouring books based on art exhibitions. Families can enjoy dedicated short-tours of the exhibitions with our guide as well as craft workshops.

  • Family Festival

    The Fondation, in partnership with the Jardin d’Acclimatation amusement park, celebrate every year in June The Family Festival ! During this weekend of creativity and fun, the Fondation and the Jardin become a playground for children ages 6 months to 12 years, accompanied by their families. Concerts, art workshops, live shows, radio, dance and sports – a thousand ways to play, experiment, explore, try and taste new things.


  • Game book

    For every exhibition, the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the French children’s magazine Georges create an original game book for kids ages 7 through 12!

  • Apprentice Architect

    The edutainment app, designed for ages 8 through 12, lets young visitors become apprentice architects and explore the secrets of how the Fondation was built.

  • Lucky Vibes

    This game is inspired by iconic mobile games from the 2010s: fly over the Fondation, avoid obstacles, catch notes, but don’t lose your tune! And do you have the skills to reach the last level?

  • PopBook Pocket

    The Pop Book Pocket is a fun creation tool that lets you craft personalised photos and GIFs and decorate them alone or with your family. Express your creativity with stickers and backgrounds inspired by Frank Gehry’s architecture and contemporary artworks! 


  • Activities to enjoy at home

    The Fondation offers its young visitors to take part in a selection of emblematic activities from the Atelier to do at home with the family, as well as, a selection of illustrated games echoing the exhibitions and the Collection!

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