Exclusive Concerts by Kanye West at Fondation Louis Vuitton

Music From 07.03.2015 to 10.03.2015

Two charity associations will benefit from the funds raised thanks to the exceptional concerts series performed by Kanye West at Fondation Louis Vuitton: "Nos quartiers ont des talents" and Donda’s House.

"Nos quartiers ont des talents" facilitates access to employment for young graduates from priority neighborhoods or disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Nos quartiers ont des talents" is recognised as an association for the general interest of society.

Through their programmes, young job seekers are supported by experienced managers and business leaders within the association’s network. Their initiatives greatly increase the chances of young people to find jobs in alignment with their skills and motivation.

In partnership with "Nos quartiers ont des talents" in 2014, a hundred LVMH managers mentored more than 100 graduates from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Since 2007, 297 young people have found a job after being mentored by an employee of the LVMH Group.

LVMH has been a member of the association’s Board of Directors since 2011.

LVMH is proud to support talented young people from disadvantaged areas and to contribute to their successful integration into the professional sector.


Donda's House is an association founded in honour of Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, a teacher and researcher specialised in Learning Science. This organisation promotes arts instruction to youth as a means to foster their creativity and well-being.

Donda’s House, Inc. was designed to provide access to premium arts instruction to youth. Arts and music programmes are routinely the first casualty in schools facing budget crises, specifically institutions in at-risk communities that directly benefit from access to safe environments and developmental opportunities.

Donda's House teaching philosophy is based on the research and career of Dr. Donda West who believed that arts instruction improves a child’s analytical and creative capacity. Donda’s House seeks to provide a safe, creative environment that inspires, empowers, challenges and produces tomorrow’s problem solvers.


© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Kanye West

The artists

Performance by
Kanye West
A Film Directed by
Steve McQueen
Photography by
Jackie Nickerson