Due to the success of the exhibition, we advise you to visit the Fondation in the morning or from 5 p.m.

Storytelling tour 3/5 yo - “The many lives of Cindy”

Family activities From 26.09.2020 to 03.01.2021

From €7 to €16

For families - Ages 3 to 7

Every saturday and sunday and every day during the school holidays

Princess, cowboy, actress, traveller... Even all at the same time! Cindy wants to be many things and invents many lives for herself. She loves dressing up, landscapes, accessories and stories. Through a host of characters, families are introduced to Cindy and follow her on amazing adventures. The stories and sensory experiences on this tour will help children and adults explore a selection of images by the artist Cindy Sherman. This introduction to her photography is led by a storytelling guide.

The presence of an adult is mandatory for this activity