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Victory over the Sun

From 18.10.2015 to 20.10.2015

As an extension to the exhibition Keys to a Passion (1st April – 6 July 2015) – which brought together an important number of works from the 20th century, notably Kazimir Malevich’s emblematic pieces (Black square, 1923; Black Circle, 1923; Black Cross, 1923; and Complex Premonition, 1932; State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg) – and as a prelude to the show dedicated to the Shchukin collection (October 2016), the Fondation will host three performances of the mythical work, conceived by the most prestigious proponents of ‘futuraslav’ art: Kazimir Malevich, Aleksei Kruchyonykh and Mikhail Matyushin. This is the first time that the futuristic “Opera”, Victory over the Sun, will be shown in France.

Created at the Luna-Park theatre in Saint Petersburg in December 1913, this “opera” in 6 tableaux marks a radical shift in the conception of decors, costumes, text and music, and conjures up the effervescently creative atmosphere of Russia in that era. The costumes and decors were produced by Kazimir Malevich – the famous Black square appearing for the first time; while the prologue and booklet were written by the poets Aleksei Kruchyonykh and Velimir Khlebnikov (in zaoum); the music is a composition by Mikhail Matyushin.

Presented by Fondation Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Cahiers d’Art. A creation of the Stas Namin Theatre in Moscow, with the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg.

© Joseph Kiblitsky © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Puzzle Eventainment

The programme

Russian opera
in 6 tableaux