LIVE Visit "Frank Gehry Architecture"

Online event

From 27.11.2021 to 02.04.2022

LIVE Visit in french

The Live Visit is an original, immersive experience you can enjoy from your own home, a tour that includes live interaction with an expert guide and other online visitors in a fun and enlightening group outing to explore the Fondation’s architecture and current exhibitions. 

Led by an expert guide, take a tour of the Fondation architecture from the comfort of your home and share your impressions with a small group of other visitors!

An expert guide welcomes you live on a dedicated platform and takes you behind the scenes for a 360° architectural tour of Frank Gehry’s ship-like building. Discover the Fondation as you’ve never seen it before in a video tour, from the Auditorium to the mesmerising waterfall, from the glass canopies over the terraces to the spectacular rooftop views.

To access our Live Tours from home, you need only a solid internet connection along with a Mac or PC-type computer.

LIVE Visit on demand

Live Tours are also designed to be customisable and tailored to different audiences. For reservations and more information, please email: