Carolyn Carlson, improvisation on Dialogue with Rothko

27 février 2024
Carolyn Carlson’s first encounter with Mark Rothko’s work was a shock, a dive into the fullness of the present moment. A painting that envelops you, that aspires to the infinity of meditation.

It was a painting entitled Black, Red over Black on Red that most inspired the choreographer and that she tried to make speak, first in a collection of poetry, Dialogue avec Rothko, published in 2012, then in a solo eponymous in 2013. She makes it a personal reading, trying to decipher the most intimate secrets. It is within the red and black pigment nested on the canvas that she could read in the soul of the artist, find it to unite in thought to him as in dream, in a passionate visionary impulse. She melted into her painting: a burst of pure poetry emerges.

She offers an improvised variation in the middle of the paintings that have left a lasting impression on her, on the occasion of the Late Hours.  

Film inspired by her solo on Dialogue with Rothko, directed by Tommy Pascal - Music by Jean-Paul Dessy , Aleksi Aubry-Carlson and René Aubry, voice of Juha Marsalo

A production by the Fondation Louis Vuitton, February 27, 2024