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Gauguin's parrots regain their colours

Through several scientific cooperation assignments in Russia, the Fondation has contributed to the restoration of works from the Pushkin Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. 

Go behind the scenes

Like many of the works that Paul Gauguin painted in Polynesia, where funds were scarce and materials lacking, Nature morte aux perroquets (1902) – executed in Atuona, Marquesas Islands – was damaged by a long shipping expedition in a hot, humid climate. After his art dealer sealed the canvas with wax upon its arrival in Paris, it was transported to Moscow in 1910 and then evacuated to Siberia in the beginning of WWII in 1941, which probably further undermined it.

The Fondation and the Pushkin Museum joined forces to restore this work, which is presented as part of the The Morozov Collection. Icons of Modern Art. From analyses of the painting to reports to the meticulous cleaning process, discover the various steps of this incredible collaboration in this video.

The Morozov Collection. Icons of Modern Art

Until 22 February 2022, the Fondation presents The Morozov Collection, one of the world’s foremost collections of Impressionist and Modern art. The major international exhibition brings together in Paris 200 masterpieces from the French and Russian modern art collection of the brothers Mikhaïl (1870-1903) and Ivan Morozov (1871-1921).