red House 3, 2013


Alex Katz

Alex Katz, Red House 3, 2013

© Alex Katz / Adagp, Paris, 2019

Katz describes his large-format landscapes, mainly done in Maine in the region around his studio, as “environmental” paintings. 

Compared with portraits, landscapes allow him to create all-over compositions that share qualities with abstract expressionism, the movement that dominated art while he was studying. When historian David Sylvester asked him if landscapes dictated this feeling, Katz replied: “It’s art, it’s not nature. Nature’s just a vehicle for art.”

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Alex Katz

Born in 1927, in Brooklyn (United States)
Lives and work in New York (United States)

The work of Alex Katz is readily associated with Pop Art, both for its realism and choice of subjects, yet it differs significantly. The apparent simplicity of his pieces reflects a distant Matissian heritage, while simultaneously remaining indissociable from the history of American painting.
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