Animitas (Blanc)

  • 2017
  • Film, Colour, Sound

The first version of this Animitas was set in the most arid desert of Atacama (Chile) and echoed the configuration of the stars as seen in the skies of the Southern Hemisphere on the night of Boltanski’s birth: September 6, 1944. For the artist, the chiming of the bells evokes “the music of the stars and the voices of the floating souls”. The same configuration of bells has been reinterpreted at three other sites: on the island of Teshima in Japan (La forêt des murmures, 2016), then near the Dead Sea (in the fall of 2017); finally, Animitas was installed on Quebec’s Île d’Orléans, on a white, snow-covered landscape, as portrayed in Animitas (Blanc). Doomed to disappear with time, this repeated installation blends Boltanski’s personal history with the stories of the places themselves. Each installation is the subject of a video consisting of a single shot, from sunrise to sunset.

© Adagp, Paris, 2018. Photo © Louis Vuitton / Christian Kain, Courtesy Christian Boltanski et Eva Albarran


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