La Marche turque

  • 2006
  • Ziad Antar
  • Black & white video, sound (Performer: Matea Maras)
  • 3 min.
The only sound is of Maras' fingers hitting the keys. By depriving the composition of its melody, Antar reveals the structure of this emblematic work inspired by the musical style of the Janissaries, the elite infantry units of the Ottoman Empire. The choice of a piece composed at a time when Austria had retrieved Hungary from the Ottoman Empire references the conflicts often evoked in his works.

© Mohamed Bourouissa. Photo © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage


Ziad Antar

Ziad Antar trained in agricultural engineering before switching to photography.

Since the mid-2000s he has created a visual and subjective archive of the Arab world, from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates. Using obsolete techniques such as Holga and Rolleiflex cameras, his photographic and video work takes the form of research into architecture and landscape that relates to these countries' difficult choices between past and present. Reflecting his interest in sound, his videos make an impact due to their short length and focus on a single action.

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