• 2017
  • Nick Mauss
  • 15 panels with reverse glass painting, mirrored
  • 159.0 x 365.0 x 0.0 cm

Large or small, his compositions weave an intense dialogue with the space. Sometimes this extends to the spectator, as in the series of drawings carried out on mirrors, where viewers find themselves at the very center of the work.

© Nick Mauss © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage


Nick Mauss

Drawing is a central theme and plays a dominant role in Nick Mauss’ work. Using a multi-disciplinary practice, the artist explores the potential of drawing and reinvents its possible forms by combining it with other media such as painting, sculpture, video, performance, books, and poetry.

Straddling abstraction and figuration, his works produce poetic, dreamlike images characterized by a state of perpetual vagueness—the artist favors unfinished figures and ambiguous forms. Fine, light drawings—executed in black or color—with hinted features, stippling, projections and crosshatched flat or hazy colors join and overlap to bring forth fragmented silhouettes and undefined patterns.

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