• 2013
  • Hannah Weinberger
  • Video, color, sound
  • 6 min.
The editing and soundtrack highlight certain points in the film, creating a sense of expectancy in the viewer, like that experienced with a full-length feature. “How does a new story emerge when another one finishes? The stories we tell are passed on and reformulated. Details are left out, embellished and reinterpreted according to people’s state of mind. This social mechanism is the starting point for Trailer,” explains Weinberger.

© Hannah Weinberger. Photo © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo


Hannah Weinberger

Since 2009, Hannah Weinberger has been making sound works, initially using her own voice, then sources collected via the Internet.

Composing soundtracks for specific places using facilities available online, or by mixing soundtracks with video clips, she constructs installations around the physical presence of loudspeakers. Viewers/listeners discover a constantly changing environment as they move around. From her first temporary interventions, Weinberger has favoured an interactive approach. Her installations give the audience an active role; they become performers in an experience that combines the personal with the collective.

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