• 2004
  • Ziad Antar
  • Video, color, sound
  • 3 min

The video Wa (2004) of Ziad Antar shows two young children operating a synthesizer. Filmed in close-up in their living room, the artist’s niece and nephew improvise a song with only “Wa” as a lyric. With a heady “wa wa wa,” in less than three minutes, the two subjects lead the viewer into a moment full of humor and intimacy. Showing the artist’s interest in sound, this video is characterized by simplicity and a concern for efficiency through the use of a very short format and a unique action.

© Ziad Antar


Ziad Antar

Ziad Antar trained in agricultural engineering before switching to photography.

Since the mid-2000s he has created a visual and subjective archive of the Arab world, from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates. Using obsolete techniques such as Holga and Rolleiflex cameras, his photographic and video work takes the form of research into architecture and landscape that relates to these countries' difficult choices between past and present. Reflecting his interest in sound, his videos make an impact due to their short length and focus on a single action.

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