FLV Lab #5 Play with the Morozov

Online event

From 27.01.2022 to 03.04.2022
20 min

Each year, the FLV Lab invites students pursuing an Applied Arts master’s degree (DSAA) in graphic design and multimedia narration at the Lycée Jacques Prévert in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, to design and build prototypes of innovative digital-mediation projects.

In 2021, in a new and exclusively online format, the students’ game proposals are inspired by the world of collectors, in parallel with the exhibition The Morozov Collection. Icons of Modern Art.

The mini-games are available in french.



You are the hero or heroine of this story as you play a Fondation Louis Vuitton intern. You find yourself swept back in time to 1906 Russia to meet Ivan Morozov. But there’s a problem! The collector has decided to put everything on hold. Unless you do something, the exhibition may never see the light of day. So you must set off on a European tour to find the painting that will rekindle the collector’s passion for art. 


In k.os, you are in an amusement arcade inspired by the world and history of Russian collectors Shchukin and Morozov. With one or two players, win the three mini-games and face the art thieves in “Collec Man”, a kind of reinvented Pacman, and uncover fun anecdotes about the two collections. 


Here, you play Ivan Morozov’s personal secretary. He sends you from Russia to Paris to buy a new painting, meeting art dealers and modern painters. Your job is to make the right choices and return to Moscow with the perfect work to complete Morozov’s collection. 


In The Moscow Gamble, you step into the shoes of a collector and draw inspiration from the expertise of Russian collectors to bring together the first pieces of your own personal collection. In your office, set off in search of clues to find that rare artwork gem and start a prestigious collection.