Late Hours #3 The Morozov Collection

Event 3 December 2021 – 7pm

Ilia Machkov. "Autoportrait", Moscou, 1911. Galerie nationale Trétiakov, Moscou


€5 to €10
19h - 23h

Dive into a slavic winter for an evening at the December Late Hours! You’ll be free to wander from the terrace to the landings to the Galleries...

Create and decorate your kokoshnik like those worn by the court of Nicolas I of Russia and show off your new headdress in the galleries of the exhibition "The Morozov Collection." Icons of Modern Art". In addition to the masterpieces of this collection, enjoy surprises as actors and the Fondation’s cultural mediators perform readings of Russian literature and Slavic mythology! On the Terrace, the artist Gone and the DJs Venus Club Collective invite you to an escapade into a melodic-electronic and micro-house. Warm up with a borscht prepared by “La table du Récho”, an affirmative-action social inclusion restaurant, and sip a Moscow Mule from “La Cantine du Marché”.

7 P.M. - 10.30 P.M.


While seats are available

Beads, rhinestones, precious fabrics... Craft and decorate your kokoshnik like those of the court of Nicolas I, and wear your new headdress as you tour the Fondation!

Workshop at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Jules Hidrot

7 P.M. - 10.30 P.M.


Cultural mediators and actors whisper russian theater, poetry and mythology. You will discover "The Morozov Collection" in a whole new light!

8 P.M. - 10.30 P.M.

GONE (Live)


A true invitation to travel, the live concert by the artist Gone sweeps you away for an escapade through a melodic electronic world evoking the icy Eastern plains. This enveloping yet trippy music is both cold and sensuous. With more emotion than rhythm, it seeks to pull at the heartstrings.

9.30 P.M. - 10.30 P.M.


They are DJs, producers, event organizers, activists and enthusiasts ... The French collective Vénus Club has recently seen the light of day in order to create safer spaces, both in parties and professional dimensions. With twenty residents and a hundred satellites following them from near and far, this inclusive space insists on its desire to be without judgment or preconception on technique, gesture or knowledge.


Traditional Borsch, revisited Pirojki, Moscow Mule, hot wine ... The Fondatio Louis Vuitton invites the social inclusion restaurant "La table du RECHO" and "La Cantine du marché" to warm you up! The RECHO is a solidarity project led by professional cooks, developing a 'living together' way of life through cooking.

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