Olafur Eliasson : Contact

Exhibition From 17.12.2014 to 23.02.2015

© Iwan Baan, 2014

Conceived specifically for Fondation Louis Vuitton, the artworks in Olafur Eliasson: Contact appear as a sequence of events along a journey. Moving through passageways and expansive installations, visitors become part of a choreography of darkness, light, geometry, and reflections.

Along the way, optical devices, models, and a meteorite reflect Eliasson’s on-going investigations into the mechanisms of perception and the construction of space. The exhibition addresses the relations between body, movement, and the sense of self, between people and their surroundings.


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Download the free app by Olafur Eliasson,Your exhibition guide, 2014, from the App Store or Google Play for iOS and Android devices. 

The app was conceived by Eliasson while developing Olafur Eliasson: Contact and shares many of the concerns central to the exhibition. In eleven brief films, Eliasson addresses the viewer directly: How does it feel to break with habitual patterns of vision? What if the artworks weren’t art? What can be achieved by a radical shift in perspective?

In English, French, and German.


Olafur Eliasson

Born in 1967, the Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson is internationally recognised for his multi-sensory interventions that combine scientific phenomena and environmental issues.

Combining light in different colours with geometric shapes and reflective surfaces, his giant installations engage the viewer in fascinating new experiences and perceptions. They merge natural phenomena with pure artifice, from the electric sun at Tate Modern in London (2003) to the glass rainbow at the Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Denmark (2006-2011). His works lead us to question our perceptions and tap into our sensory memory.

Olafur Eliasson : Contact. Exhibition catalogue