LIVE Visits

If you can not come to the Fondation, the Fondation comes to you ! Visit "The Morozov Collection. Icons of Modern Art" exhibition and the building of the Fondation, from your home, with a guide !

The Live Visit is an original, immersive experience you can enjoy from your own home, a tour that includes live interaction with an expert guide and other online visitors in a fun and enlightening group outing to explore the Fondation’s architecture and current exhibitions.

An expert guide welcomes you live on a dedicated platform and takes you on a 360° tour to learn more about the exhibition or the building through every angle.

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On-demand LIVE Visit

The Live Tour is designed for everyone, whether groups of friends, families, school groups, non-profit organisation employees or volunteers in social domains assisting persons unable to come physically to the exhibition (hospitals, retirement homes, prisons, etc.). The Fondation Louis Vuitton cares deeply about welcoming visitors from all walks of life throughout the year, with special focus on schoolchildren, visitors with disabilities and persons unable to attend due to life circumstances.